Nito & Elba
from Argentina

Sebastián & Mariana
from Argentina

Roberto & María Inés
from Argentina

Carolina & Leonel
from Argentina

Dante & Indira
from Argentina

Anibal & Valeria
from Argentina


Since 2003, Buenos Aires has the biggest Tango Festival in the world. In 2018, 700 couples from 31 countries participated in the Championship. Since 2019 BENELUX and NORDIC COUNTRIES has Official Preliminary Championship.

Argentine "ASADO"
It is a typical Argentine Custom to do an "ASADO" every Sunday noon. It's almost the national dish. The "asado barbecue grill or barbecue" is a cooking technique by which the food is exposed to heat from fire or coals to cook slowly.


  • 60 hours to dance !!
  • 5 evening Milongas
  • 3 After Parties
  • 4 Aperos Milongas


Improve your dance !!!

29 hours of classes
Lady's technique Workshops , Coaching for Tango Pista, Seminars

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