Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

Since 2016 they are cast of dance company "Tango X 2" directed by Miguel Angel Zotto.

In 2016 they presented their own show “100 % Tango” show they produced, directed and choreographed in Tarbes Tango Festival, the biggest in europe.

In 2015 they joined the dance company "Tango más Tango" in Tarbes Festival. They were cast "Fascinación de Tango" show on its last tour in China 2009 (10 cities), in its show in Paris 2014 and 2016.

In 2014 they performed in Paris Louvre Museum in tribute to Julio Cortázar organiced by the City gobernment of Buenos Aires.

In 2013 premiered their own show “100 % Tango” show they produced, directed and choreographed in Belgium.

Same year were invited to "Vivement Dimanche” the biggest TV show in Paris conducted by Michelle Drucker to dance 1 tango of Frederic Francois.

In 2009 they do their first tour in Russia (8 cities) with “Tangos de Amor” show.

In 2006 they performed with the orchestra of "El Cholo Mamone” in Buenos Aires; in 2010 "Quintet Piazolla" in Moscow; In 2011 with "Soledad Orchestra” and "Solo Tango Orchestra" in Moscow, Kiev, Rostov; Orchestra "Pablo Zinger", "Quinteto Guardiola" and others.

They are cast of  “Tango x 2”, they were cast “Fascinación de Tango” show on its last tour in China 2009.

As teachers they participated in several International Tango Festival, including: II International Tango Congress Florianópolis (Brasil), II Bio Tango Festival in Barcelona (Spain), Ritmos del Mundo Festival (Belgium), Hoepertingen Summer Tango Week (Belgium), Dansen in’t Park Festival (Belgium), La Noche de la Pasión Festival (Belgium); Festival de las Artes in Bariloche (Argentina), International Tango Festival Antwerpen (Belgium), Rojo Tango Festival  (London), International Tango Festival Kraysnoyarks (Russsia), Peñíscola Tango Enceuntro (Spain), Festival Aix-en-Provence (France), Very Nice Tango Festival (France), Kerallic Festival (France), Barcelona Tango Festival (Spain).

Currently they are directors, choreographers and co-producers of the show “100% Tango Show”. They have regular classes in Brussels, Antwerp and Gent (Belgium).

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