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Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside as artist producers and organizers of ANTWERPEN TANGO FESTIVAL ARE VERY HAPPY ON THE OUTCOME OF 2018 EDITION, economy aspect was never our priority, but artist was and we are very proud of having the best talents with us, who add their magic to make this a party. We'd like to thank on behalf of the 31 artists (Guillermo Fernandez, la juan d'arienzo , no es tango cuarteto , cuarteto tango tinto, Nito y Elba Garcia, Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes, Javier Rodriguez y Fátima Vitale, Hernan Alvarez Prieto y Eugenia Ramirez, DJs sponsors (Dj Ben, Juergen Marke, Jaak Bierebeeck, Michel Malengreaux, Nicolás Surra,Valeria Maside ) the kitchen and bar workers, Veronica, Convelía y Juan , the technical team of sound and lights (Nicolás Surra y Antoine), our secretary Florencia and everyone who helped making this last edition of ANTWERPEN TANGO FESTIVAL '18 possible:

- Tristan Casamajor (Casa 32)
- Photógrafos y video makers sponsors (TC Tango, Jean-Pierre Van Loocke, Ludwig Van Halewijck, Jean-Pierre Battaille)
- Escuelas y organizaciones sponsors Art of Walk, El Ardoroso, Estar Bien, Tango Fabrik,, Nosotros tango club, Tango Brujo, Polariteit, Paul Adriansen and his team.
- Organizations and others who collaborated, La Tangueria, Gisela y Sergio, Jef Nietvelt, Monica Gellert.
- DJs sponsors (Dj Ben, Juergen Marke, Jaak Bierebeeck, Michel Malengreaux, Nicolás Surra, Valeria  Maside )
- Djs Hernan Alvarez Prieto and Jacques Rombauts
- The Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Belgium and Luxembourg for its sponsor.
- Volunteer students: Marc Van Vaerenbergh, Karina De Cock, Steven Luyckx, Matthis and Latife Birenheide, Olivier Pulinckx, Antwerpen, Lily Smeulders, Carolina Miguel Reis, Haoxuan Li, Marita Van Herreweghe, Eric Van Driessche, Wendy van Damme, Dani Van de Kerkhof, Ernesto Jofre, Michel Malengreaux, Rene de Schaepper, Annick de Wandeleir, Alain Christiaens, Ana Temblador, Pierre Taverniers, Pascal Dierckx, Julia Wanninger, Siegfried Van Schuylenbergh, Diane Rubbens, Ingrid de Vos, Pascal Mokangi, Mónica Kantorova, Filip Beeldens, Jacquie Dever, Alex Van Ingelgom, Yves & Mónica Gellert.

For all these results and the magic moments that fill our hearts full of tango, we'd like to announce that we expect you in the 2019 edition to be together again !!!
Cheers and viva el Tango!

Anibal & Valeria


We are glad to announce that this year all our events will take place in the same building, the beautiful Zaal Athena, including Sala Athena for the evening milongas, Sala San Telmo for workshops and after parties, Sala Caminito for workshops and apero milongas in case of rain and El Patio La Morocha, outdoor courtyard for our apero milongas en asado, Argentinian BBQ.
Another big advantage is that very close to Zaal Athena, there are lots of hotels ( 1 to 4 stars) and apartments to rent for short periods, as well as restaurants of all types and prices.
For the tangueros coming from abroad, in Brussels Zaventem Airport there is an underground railway station ( -1) and it takes 35 minutes to get to Antwerp Central Station. Zaal Athena is only 500 meters away !


We hebben het genoegen jullie allen mede te delen dat dit jaar al onze evenementen in hetzelfde gebouw zullen plaatsvinden, in de prestigieuze Zaal Athena. Een opsteker ! Milongas en demos ‘savonds in Sala Athena. Workshops en afterparties in Sala San Telmo. Workshops en in geval van regen, aperomilongas in Sala Caminito. Openlucht El Patio La Morocha voor aperomilongas en asado, Argentijnse BBQ.
In de nabijheid van Zaal Athena, verschillende hotels en appartementen van alle categorieën ( 1 tot 4 sterren ) alsmede allerlei restaurants.
In de luchthaven van Zaventem ( niveau -1) kunnen tangueros uit het buitenland de trein voor Antwerpen Centraal Station nemen ( 35 minuten) en dan 500 meters wandelen tot Zaal Athena.



Nito & Elba

Maestros of Maestros!
Nito lived in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires. Was  winner of 15 tango competitions  between 1955 and 1965 and  then, in 1966 had the privilege to dance with Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese in the work "Cielo de Barrilete"
Nito and Elba are one of the most representative couples of Argentine Tango.
Highly respected teachers for their excellence in the artistic environment, they have been touring the world for 25 years and are also partners in life.

Sebastián Arce y Mariana Montes

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes have done a lot for promoting tango overseas by their love and commitment to teaching, organizing tango events, and dancing. Their work has taken them to visit since '99 over 140 cities, 35 countries, and counting.

As teachers, Sebastian and Mariana are among the most required, participating yearly in nearly 40 big scale events in Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America.

They have produced 13 large-scale tango events in France and USA (MEPHISTO TANGO SUMMER FESTIVAL 2002-2006; Revirado Tango France 2002-2003; C.I.T.P. 2006-2007, Neotango Fest USA 2005-2006, Antipanico USA 2005-2006), and concerts with tango orchestras such as Fernandez Fierro, Orquesta tipica Imperial, Hyperion Orchestra, La Chicana; and electronic tango orchestras such as Bajofondo Tango Club, Gustavo Santaolalla, Tanghetto, Electrocutango and many other.

Fátima Vitale & Javier Rodríguez

Fatima Vitale is a dance performer trained in Contemporary Dance, Classical Ballet, Jazz, composition and improvisation. Studied at the "Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes" (IUNA) and independently. She studied tango with many teachers from Buenos Aires like: Gabriel Missé, Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juarez among others. She is Tango Salon dancer as well as Stage Tango dancer, has worked In many tango houses in Buenos Aires and Tango Companies as  "Tanguera", "Deya vu" , "Tango Malambo" "Bien de tango" and "Corporacion Tango". 

In 2012 she participated in the  Buenos Aires Championship and won in two categories: "Tango Salon" and "Milonga" and was 2nd place in the Tango Salon category in the World Tango Championship. She was invited as Judge in the International Championship of Medellin , Chile´s Milonga  Championship in 2013 and UK tango festival and Championship in London in 2015. She has participated in important international festivals, performing and teaching in Argentina and all over the world.

Anibal Lautaro & Valeria Maside

Aníbal & Valeria, as an Argentine couple of dancers and teachers, represent the traditional style of Buenos Aires with great personality and a youthful  touch. They belong to the last generation formed by real milongueros and grandmasters. Their lessons and personal style have led them to traveling around the world with different shows or as teachers at prestigious festivals.

For 12 years now they they have developed  a teaching method aiming to simplify the difficult, comfort, hug and encourage naturalness, although without neglecting aesthetics. Their curiosity made them take classes with many teachers and discover very different styles, making them experience different types of hugs, energy, techniques and interpretations that are now very useful to harness the talents and capabilities of each student.

Eugenia Ramírez Miori & Hernán Alvarez Prieto

Eugenia y Hernan se sont rencontrés il y a 16 ans dans une milonga de Buenos Aires. Leur trajet était similaire. Tous les deux avaient appris avec les vieux maîtres et fréquentaient les mêmes milongas.

Eugenia, partenaire de danse pendant 8 ans du vieux maestro Leonardo 'Petaca' Lerman, a dansé avec lui au Sunderland, au Torcuatto Tasso, à la Galería, au CITA.  Hernan de son coté, très convoité para les vieilles milongueras comme Nelly Fernando, Margarita Guille, Naty Moyano, Ofelia Rosito fait toujours des démos avec elles dans des bals comme Sunderland, Sin Rumbo, Glorias Argentinas, Akarense.


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