Ruben Peloni y Los Tanturi

Ruben Peloni and Los Tanturi

"Ruben Peloni and Los Tanturi" is the result of an idea by Rubén Peloni and Adriàn Fioramonti, having as premise a dance repertoire for the salons milongueros.
It was born as a trio of guitar, bandoneon and voice and later the training was extends to a sextet: guitar, bandoneon, double bass, piano, violin and voice
soloist. The repertoire focuses on the golden age of tango and consists of arrangements musicals that give an original character and style to the assemble Live the classic dynamics of milongas,
including musical curtains between batches.
The sextet has the participation of Dario Polonara to the bandoneon, Adrian Fioramonti on guitar, Fabrizio Pieroni on piano, Virgilio Monti on double bass, Vincenzo Albini to the violin and Ruben Peloni to the voice.
On the European scene since 2015, he has appeared in demonstrations important events like the Festival di Firenze 2017 and 2018 (Florence - Italy), Limouzi Tango Festival 2017 and 2018 (Limoges-France), Festival le Printemps du Tango 2018 (Mulhouse - France), Normandie Tango Festival 2018 (Mondeville - Francia), Voltango 2017 and 2018 (Volterra / Querceto - Italy), Saint Vincent Tango 2015 (Aosta - Italy), Cuneo Tango Festival 2016 (Cuneo- Italy), Mallorca Tango Festival 2018 (Palma de Mallorca - Spain), Teatro di Castelnuovo di Garfagnana (Lucca-Itallia), G. Spontini Theater
(Maiolati - Italy), M. Tiberini Theater (San Lorenzo - Italy), ecc.