Jimena Hoefnner y Fernando Carrasco

Jimena Hoefnner y Fernando Carrasco

Jimena Hoeffner, born in Buenos Aires, began her relationship with tango in 2000. Jimena participated in the school ballet where she was given class by recognized milongueros such as Gavito, Puppi Castello, Margarita Guille, etc. She has been in prestigious companies, houses of tango, and toured Europe in 2010 and 2012.

Fernando Carrasco was born in Rawson in the provence of Chubut in Argentina. He took his first tango steps in Chubut and after traveling to Buenos Aires he enrolled in the Instituto Universitario de Arte with a major in folklore and a minor in tango. During these years he participated in a diverse number of companies.

Jimena and Fernando stared dancing together in 2012, minting their relationship with exhibitions in the milongas of Buenos Aires. In the same hear they traveled to Dubai representing the Esquena Carlos Gardel.

In 2013 Jimena and Fernando became the first ever couple to be crowned Triple Champions of the Buenos Aires Metropoliano Chapmionship, taking first in the categories of Milonga, Vals , and Tango.

A few months later they achieved 2nd place in the world championships of tango!

In 2014 they will be going on their first international tour together to Italy, Greece, Indonesia, and Switzerland.
In 2015 they are winners of pelando variacion. The prize was a trip to the USA doing exhibitions and workshop

They participated in many Festivals in Europe, Asia , EEUU and Argentina.
Festival Tango in Paradise (Indonesia). Festival Umbria Tango Meeting(Italy, Perugia) Festival Tango Salon Extremo 2014/2015/2017/2018(Buenos Aires).
Festival Winter Tango Festival 2014 (Grecia Preveza)
Festival Tango Secrets 2015(Buenos Aires) Festival Salta Fest 2015 (Buenos Aires)
Festival Haciendo Tango Festival 2015 (Buenos Aires Cipolletti)
Festival Tango Emotion 2015 (Italia)
Festival Sangre y Agua Tango 2016 (Grecia Athenas)
Festival Portland Tango 2016 (EEUU)
Exhibitions and workshop in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Texas (EEUU)
Festival Misterio Tango 2016 (BuenosAires).
Festival Sed de Campeones 2016 (Buenos Aires)
IV Congreso brasileño de Tango 2017 (Brasil, Rio de Janeiro).
Festival Tango Esencia 2017/2018 (Buenos Aires).
Internacional Tango Festival 2017 ( Corea) .
Jury of the European Tango Championship 2016 (Italy, Serbia).
Juries del Uk Tango festival y Championship 2014 (Londres).
Jury of the 4th Italian Championship 2015/2018 (Italy, Rome).
Juries of the preliminary of the tango world 2017 ( sede Rosario ) .
International Tango Festival 2017 Corea)
Juries of the preliminary 2017(Corea)
Juries of the preliminary 2017 (Chile , Osorno). Juries of Pelando Variation in Athens(2018)
Juries of the preliminary China (2018)
Juries of qualifying instances of the championship Pelando Variation 2017/2018 (Buenos Aires)
Festival Cita 2018/2019 (Buenos Aires )
3er Thailand Tango Festival 2019
Preliminary and Festival Tango Brasil 2019
We participate in the movie "Por unos Zapatos" directed by Elina Roldan (2019)

Jimena and Fernando are known for the warmth and elegance of their embrace.

Watch them perform: