“Orquesta Tipica Belgica”

Orquesta Típica Bélgica is the new orquesta tipica of Belgium, with all Kay Sleking OTBmajor Belgium tango musicians. The orquesta plays the repertoire of the golden era of tango and provides the dancer an ultimate experience with their strong beat, combined with the typical lyrical phrases that made tango so popular. They master the styles of the big orquestras from D’Arienzo, Biagi and Di Sarli to Troilo and Pugliese. The orquesta consists of 4 bandoneons, 5 violins, viola, piano and double bass. The singer of the orquesta is the well known tango singer Omar Mollo, who with his strong voice and appearance gives an extra dimension to the performance.
Orquesta Típica Bélgica is under artistic direction of Kay Sleking (double bass), who has a long experience in tango and works together with major international tango musicians.
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Orquesta Tipica Belgica